...History Of Emilio Piazza Memorial Schools (EPMS), Port Harcourt.

The school is named after Mr Emilio Piazza, an Italian from Milan who happened to be a onetime boss of the
chairman of the institution in the person Chief Paul Amrasa. Mr Emilio Piazza made sure that the chairman
was sent to university of Bolton in United Kingdom where he studied accounting. Upon the return of the
chairman from UK, Mr Emilio Piazza arranged a job placement for him in A. Micheletti & sons Nigeria Ltd
which was a sister company to Emilio Piazza construction company. Mr Emilio Piazza however went to a
journey beyond in the year 1992 at the age of 56 in Cameroon, the school was established four years after his
demise in 1996, the chairman of the institution therefore used it as an avenue to immortalise the man who
afforded him the opportunity to school abroad and behold Emilio Piazza Memorial School was born. The
chairman of the institution is still in constant touch with the Emilio piazza family in Milan.


Emilio Piazza Memorial School was established on the 15th day of September 1996 with six classroom blocks, seven teachers and two pupils. By the end of first term, the population increased to 18 pupils and by the end of the session in July 1997, the population has reached 45 pupils, this steady increase within a year showed that there was light at the end of the tunnel.
The chairman of the institution in the person of Chief Paul Amrasa did not make profit motive a priority as inherent with most businesses. The vision was to provide the best quality education at the most affordable cost and the vision has not changed over the years even with the increase in cost of operation, we have tried to maintain our fees within the reach of low income, middle income and high income group in the society.
In our bid to promote academic competiveness, we award scholarship to students with the highest academic performance in each session.
The school now boast of a population of around six hundred pupils, 25 classroom blocks with a staff strength of 45 teachers which makes the teacher to student ratio 1:13.
We are goal oriented so our zero tolerance to examination malpractice is one of our greatest selling point, our result have integrity and we work with the fear of God. Our students have been excelling very well in external examination without any
form of assistance and we will never be open to such compromise because examination malpractice destroys and diminishes the intelligence of a child. Our result have integrity and our students are of high moral standard so they cannot step so low to compromise their moral upbringing, they are our greatest asset and we hold them in our heart with high esteem. Character- wise, they are second to none. 

Our teachers have experience, they are qualified, highly motivated and always willing to go the extra mile to impart knowledge and discipline on the students. We carry out staff training at the beginning of every term to ensure that they are in perfect frame of mind to carry out their duties for each term. We work in line with our motto 'either the best or nothing' in our employment policy so we only employ the services of top notch professionals.
The school has six buses that covers up to Rukpuokwu, Rumuodumaya, NTA, Rumuola and Rumuigbo axis. The buses run 2 to 3 shifts on daily basis with an efficiency rate of 96%. We have trained and dedicated drivers who carry out their duties with the assistance of a bus minder. 
In order to ensure that everybody is in safe haven, we employed the services of a registered security company to handle  minor security challenges and control traffic around the school's gate even though God is our chief security. Due to the level of training of our security personnel, their response time is at most 30-45 seconds.
The school commenced boarding in September 2014 and we have achieved a monumental success even at infancy stage, the idea behind the boarding facility is to bring student together and work on their character, composure, morals and academic performance. One unique feature of our boarding facility is that it is a cottage hostel system divided into small segments for effective supervision by the hostel managers and prefects. We have a fitness trainer who ensures that the students carry out regular exercises to keep their mind, body and soul together. Our boarders cannot afford to miss out of our kitchen delicacy because the taste of our meal is actually like a home away from home.
We have a functional sick bay with a qualified nurse and we are partners with Spring Rose Hospital where we refer cases that is beyond the scope of first aid that cannot be handled within the school. We are safety conscious and that is why we have cleaners that clean up the classrooms and toilets round the clock to prevent infection, we have several hand washing spots within the school and our tap runs 247. We work in compliance with Rivers state ministry of health guidelines.
We have well equipped laboratories with state of the art facilities to meet the ever changing trend in technology, our lab technologist ensures that practicals are  conducted under a serene environment with strict supervision to avoid accident in the lab. Our library is stocked with scientific, management, social science, history, inspirational and motivational books to assist the student for further studies and academic research work. Plan is underway for an E-library.
There is a cordial relationship between our staff and the management team, it is actually a one happy family so one can barely differentiate between the staff and management. 



Mr. Emilio Piazza (Late)
Died 22/9/1992

Chief Paul Amrasa
Chairman E.P.M.S
Mrs Jane Amrasa
Executive Director E.P.M.S


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